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Favorite BSG Vids List

I wanted to do this for a long time... Here's my ultimate favorite vids list. Some of them dates from my days as a Kara/Lee shipper. Even if I don't ship them anymore, those vids are still among my favorites. I had more than this but darn LJ hate some of my links and I'm too lazy to track them down again. *sigh*

[info]kajam , if you're reading this, most of your links are dead! Please update them!

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Bad Guys Icons!

I've been making icons sporadictly over the last few months and realized most of them are "bad guys". What does that say about me? ;) Lost of Gaeta, as part of [info]daybreak777 "Remember Felix Gaeta challenge".


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Video - #1 Crush (Baltar/Six)

Title: #1 Crush
Song and Artist: #1 Crush by Garbage
Fandom/Pairing: Battlestar Galactica - Baltar/Six
Size/Lenght: 13.4MB/3:40
Warnings: clips up to Escape Velocity

Note: This is a Baltar/Head!Six video. I know some of the clips are Caprica during the miniseries but, in context, I think she's more Head!Six than Caprica!Six.

Download link


Video - Colorblind

Title: Colorblind
Song and Artist: Colorblind by Counting Crows
Fandom/Pairing: Battlestar Galactica/Felix Gaeta (with appearances by Baltar, Dee, Starbuck, Sweet Eight and Adama)
Size/Lenght: 39MB/3:32
Warnings: clips up to Blood on the Scales
Note: I suggest you download as there is some audio problems with the imeem streaming.

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2008 Vidding Meme

Is 3 vid in a year enough to do the 2008 vidding meme? Oh, well. Let's do an abridged one. ;-)

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Video - Life on Mars

Title: Feeling a Moment
Song and Artist: Feeling a Moment by Feeder
Fandom/Pairing: Life on Mars/Sam
Size/Lenght: 36MB/4:12
Warnings: clips up to the finale (very spoilery)

Download Link (megaupload)
Download Link (direct)

Believe it or not, I started watching this show... last week and now I have a video! I fell hard and when that happens, I feel compelled to make vids. I would like to thank my Geek Squee friends whose constant squeeing about John Simm got me interested in watching Life on Mars.


Miscellaneous Icons

I've been doing some various icons over the last few months and here are the results.


01-10:  Battlestar Galactica
11-25:  Edward Norton / Fight Club
26:  Robert Downey Jr.
27:  John Simm
28-36:  Stock

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Master Vid List

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If the links are dead and you still want to see, please don't hesitate to ask for new ones. It will be my pleasure to upload again. 

Video - The Noose

Title: The Noose
Song and Artist: The Noose by A Perfect Circle
Fandom/Pairing: Battlestar Galactica, Baltar
Size/Lenght: 48MB/4:56
Warnings: clips up to The Hub
Description: The many faces of Gaius Baltar -- try as he might, he can never make amends for the things he's done. 

Download (megaupload)
Download (fileden)

Graphic by jellyfrog    ,description by pacejunkie