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Video - The Noose

Title: The Noose
Song and Artist: The Noose by A Perfect Circle
Fandom/Pairing: Battlestar Galactica, Baltar
Size/Lenght: 48MB/4:56
Warnings: clips up to The Hub
Description: The many faces of Gaius Baltar -- try as he might, he can never make amends for the things he's done. 

Download (megaupload)
Download (fileden)

Graphic by jellyfrog    ,description by pacejunkie     



Aug. 18th, 2008 05:10 am (UTC)
Hi there! I know this is a while after you posted this, but I wanted to say that I finally got to see this video of yours and really, really loved it. It's a totally chilling and contemplative Baltar character study. I'd never heard the song before, and was really won over to it by the time it got to that lyric about "I'm curious about how you plan to make your amends to the dead" (sic).

I love your use of all the water imagery that has surrounded Baltar throughout the series. Not only is it an interesting thing to call attention to in Baltar's arc, but it's also very appropriate to the sweeping feel of the song in certain places. You use it so well at various times to create a sense of chaos, or of Baltar being overwhelmed by fear and guilt.

The song has such an interesting cool distance to it, and yet also a sense of foreboding throughout. I liked the way you used so many parts where people around Baltar are in highly emotional, even violent states. I am in particular thinking of the all these images of bloody Baltar and his cult in delirious religious ecstasy and of Connor attacking him in the head with the razorblade. The people in those scenes are two very different sides of the coin, but you show this parallel intensity behind all of those people's behaviors - to the point of mania, really. It's even more chilling when juxtaposed with this very calm, almost deadened voice singing the lyrics.

Really well done. One of the best videos I've seen in months. I have downloaded it and will watch it many more times, I know.

Ok, so the last thing I want to say is on a different topic. I feel kind of bad that I had offered to help you find a song for a Gaeta vid you wanted to work on and then basically disappeared after saying I'd send you a list in a few days. Sorry. :( Did you ever find a song? Do you still want any suggestions? I will totally not flake out this time if you do. Promise.

Anyway, great vid! Thanks for sharing.
Aug. 19th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for that very long and thoughtful review!

The song is by A Perfect Circle, they're well known for their meaningful lyrics. In this case, the song is said to be about someone who found God after committing atrocities but doesn't do anything to make amends. I though it was a perfect song for Baltar, seeing that he uses his newfound faith to be able to live with himself and what he's done. I personally don't think he believes what he's preaching but since it enables him to feel not responsible, it only encourages him.

I'm still looking for a Gaeta-Baltar song! Any suggestions are welcome. My friend falafel_musing found a great Gaeta song though - Colorblind by Counting Crows.