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Miracle Drug


Today is actually January 13, 2007. I'm back-dating this entry to make a post about Miracle Drug, one of my very first video and the first one I did using Sony Vegas. I did this video for the very sweet elfdeam who had requested a non-slashy Charlie/Jack vid. She's a big U2 fan so she suggested either the song 'Miracle Drug' or 'Beautiful Day'. Both songs could be considered very slashy but I finally chose 'Miracle Drug' - who was slightly less slashy sounding. Looking back the video does appear very slashy but I think it's still cute! Charlie and Jack's relationship is too adorable for words!

There was some major problems with this vid, mainly with the sound and the randomness of some scenes. I don't think I had much of a story or theme until the very last minute! 
I also got my very first CP with it! My first and only silver. I'm very proud of my silver CP!!